This is a large Bowie knife that Jimmy gave as a Christmas gift back in 1971. The original owner (Gene Swanson) was a friend and business associate of Jimmy's

Gene was a representative who supplied products that Jimmy used in his shop. I purchased the knife directly from Gene who provided the above information via email.

Knife basics: 12" tool steel blade, long 3-7/8" brass hilt, and aged elephant ivory handle with brass pins. Overall length: 17-5/8". The ivory has aged nicely, does have checks on both sides but is still rock solid. There is engraving on both sides of the blade:

Front Side:
Hand Made by James B. Lile ***Note the two RC harness marks below the script signature in photo 7***

Back Side:
Presented To My Friend
Gene Swanson by Jimmy Lile

7 photos for review – I'll include a new 20" carry case with the knife. This is an awesome early Bowie with solid provenance -- it's really neat that it was a Christmas gift and etched with that date. This is a great piece, Jimmy wasn't giving out Christmas gifts like this like candy on Halloween. It's very rare, impossible to replace or upgrade. Thanks and good luck.