Summary: just when you thought you seen them all, eh? I recently sold the prototype which was authenticated by the shown letter from Marilyn, I’m including a photocopy of that letter as it outlines the history of this rare little gem.

I believe two were marked prototype and two were not so this is either the third or last made. Super rare, both blades with the LILE stamp. The blades have not been resharpened and are perfect, the stag scales match nicely and are in mint condition. Near mint to mint overall, just the normal circular marks at the bolsters from the blades opening and closing.

Note photo 6 where both blades are out... THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED as you will need to fit a very small flathead down inside the body to engage the backspring and release the blades. Not the end of the world but also not suggested. Just sayin’!

7 photos for review – as shown, a folding knife carry case is included. To whoever buys this: send me a reminder note and I’ll include an early red / white / blue catalog on the house... free of charge. This is a fabulous collector piece, so few of these made and yet priced below what a typical buttonlock would sell for. You do the math, it won’t go anywhere but up in value. Thanks and good luck.