Summary: most don't even know that Jimmy made a couple of these and sent them to Sylvester Stallone for the movie First Blood. Stallone eventually returned this to Jimmy when it never made it in to the movie, the iconic First Blood knife stole the show. This is the First Blood Prototype Axe #1, I do not know who owns the #2. This was tucked away in the collection of the late Tom Clinton for decades and has now come to me.

Note: I also own a couple of the Rambo - Mission prototype axes, one single edge and one double bit. (reference the Lile Book, page 348 but also shown on other pages as well) Both are marked Prototype and numbered. It is said in the Lile book that Stallone has one of the prototype Rambo –Mission axes, maybe he has the other First Blood prototype axe, too.

This First Blood Prototype No. 1 of 2 has never been used and has the original edge. It has been carefully handled over the years and is in mint condition. Lile stamp with no dot (obviously), engraved by Marilyn "First Blood Prototype No. 1 of 2". Tapered tang, the stag scales are perfect.

Specs: 9-1/2" long, head is 4-1/4" front to back with a 3" cutting edge. Stag scales are approx. 4-7/8".

The Buffaloe head cover has light handling marks, all quite minor. (Jim Buffaloe also made the sheaths for the numbered First Blood knives) Buffaloe and Lile shop stamps on the back, overall excellent+++ condition.

6 photos for review – I'll ship this in a custom Zebra hide gun case. (not shown but you'll love it) This is a prototype First Blood item few know exists, while it never made any movie scenes it's obviously incredibly collectible. Check it out... thanks and good luck.