Summary: this is the Jimmy Lile "Lone Wolf Gonzaullas" Commemorative #58. This Lile Commemorative has a 9" flat ground, hand-finished English Bowie blade, stainless fittings, and natural fluted handle. The tips of the guard have the Texas Ranger emblem and serial number, the butt cap also with the Texas Ranger emblem. This knife exhibits no use and is in near mint condition, nothing more than a few light wipe marks on the guard. The fluted handle is perfect... a rarity.

The Lone Wolf Gonzaullas Commemorative model is prominently featured on pages 104-108 in the book "James B. Lile – The Arkansas Knifesmith". Knives #1 through #50 were made as part of Bowie / .45 sets, knives #51 through #100 were made stand alone and not as part of any set. Long story short: this #58 would have been just the 8th knife made after the Bowie / .45 sets were completed.

9 photos for review – as shown, a black canvas carry case is included.

This is a rare Lile model damn near impossible to find, unused and in exceptional condition. The perfect display piece -- thanks and good luck.