Summary: a highly sought after Lile Memorial Bowie, a Bowie knife dedicated by Marilyn to Jimmy and to his / their friendships and customers. These tribute Bowie’s rarely surface, when they do they’re typically gobbled up in short fashion.

This knife has never been used and has been handled very carefully over the years. Blade with original edge and satin finish in perfect condition, no flaws in the stainless steel hardware. (guard and butt) The Elephant ivory handle is perfect, no checks or cracks. Simply, it looks the way it was received some 25+ years ago. The late James Stewart did the blade engraving (RIP), adorned with tulips and with Jimmy’s year of birth and passing. It’s a fitting tribute to such a fine maker, less than 100 of these were made and this is the relatively low serial #019.

One of the custom Gerstner & Son’s display boxes comes with the knife. These boxes are exceptionally well made and are perfect for either storage or display purposes, this one’s in excellent+++ or better condition... one could not ask for more.

13 photos for review – as shown, a carry case is also included. Take advantage and grab this for collection, Lord only knows when another might show up for sale. Low number, perfect blade and ivory, Gerstner box... a package you can tuck away and never need to upgrade. Thanks and good luck.