Summary: this is an early Lile model 8 with script signed blade and black micarta scales. This one’s also drilled for a lanyard, no lanyard liner or anything ... this was made way before that became popular. The black micarta scales are held in place by two piece Loveless style bolts, the knife is unused and everything looks nearly new but for blemishes on the guard caused by past sheath storage.

1/8” blade stock with a non tapering tang. OAL: 6-3/4”.

The pouch sheath is an early one and probably made by John Lamb. Belt loop on the back with white stitching, the knife / sheath fit is perfect. The sheath is in excellent or better condition, it’s never been on a belt but does have scuffs / handling marks on both sides.

8 photos for review – as shown, a black canvas carry case is included. This neat little Lile skinning knife is worth every penny of my asking, a great one to buy and tuck away for collection / investment purposes. Thanks and good luck.