Summary: a rare Lile Knives SOG made by the shop after Jimmy passed away. Why rare?

1. only a few SOG knives were made after Jimmy passed, I’ve seen this and one other.
2. the pre-death SOG knives originally commissioned by the late Tom Clinton have 7” blades, this later post death model has a 6” blade.
3. this particular knife was out of the late Tom Clinton’s collection, he’s the guy who got Jimmy to make the SOG’s in the first place!

Reference: page 190 in the book "James B. Lile – The Arkansas Knifesmith"...


"S.O.G. is a highly specialized military group that was trained for covert military operations in the Southeast Asia area during 1964. At the request of a private collector in Illinois (the late Tom Clinton), Lile began making one hundred specially-designed combat knives designated "S.O.G." All were delivered between 1987 and 1991. The 7-inch D2 steel blade is stamped "LILE" and serial numbered. Accompanied by a black leather Galco International sheath, this knife has a brass guard and butt cap, red fiber and brass spacers, and wood grain Micarta two-finger groove handles. A limited number were done with ivory handles. The overall length is 12 inches, making it an exact copy of the original S.O.G. knife."

This SOG is in excellent+++ or better condition with original edge. Blade is perfect, just a few light wipe marks on the brass hardware. Straight up... the knife looks brand new.

The sheath obviously original to the knife as it was made for this 6” bladed knife. Unused eggshell colored stone in the pouch, the sheath is in excellent+++ or better condition with nothing but light handling marks.

6 photos for review – as shown, a new black canvas carry case is included. A “no dot” SOG with black micarta handle would set you back about $2250 in this market, $500 more for one with fossil or elephant ivory handle. Long story short: this is a great deal on this knife! Check it out, photos do the knife and sheath no justice. Thanks and good luck.