Summary: this is one of two short-bladed fighters with this blade grind that I have for sale or will be selling. The other has black micarta scales... not yet photographed. I like this one better, the aged stag slabs look really neat.

The knife is not in new condition, this one was previously used and sharpened before I took ownership of it. That said, both edges are quite sharp (edges plural because the clip is sharp) and the knife would be awesome if you’re looking for an old school Lile for everyday carry. This blade grind is not one you see often at all.... if ever. The 5-1/2” blade is script signed “Hand Made by James B. Lile”, I could not get a good picture of it but you can bet the farm it’s there and clearly visible. Jimmy made the knife with a double brass guard, the stag scales held in place by old style 2 piece Loveless bolts. Exposed tang at the back end to accommodate the included lanyard, the overall length is 10-3/8”. This knife is totally cool, it’s rock solid throughout and in excellent used condition.

The knife is paired with a shop issue boot sheath with metal clip. The knife came to me with a similar boot sheath that was in poor condition, I had an unused one tucked away and take full ownership of the upgrade. (trust me.. you would thank me. The old sheath look like shit) So, not only do you get a really cool knife but you also get a much better sheath that will last many more decades. Light handling at worst on both sides of this one... easily excellent or better condition.

7 photos for review – as shown, a new black canvas carry case is included. Snap it up if you like it, this is a very fair price on such an old and rare stag handled Lile fighter. Thanks and good luck.