Summary: the last hollow handle Lile knife I have for sale, had four others but all those have sold. This is the only double edged stiletto, obviously a unique pattern.

The blade is 7”, overall length is about 12-1/4”. Steel guard, non magnetic tube and butt that are presumably aluminum. The blade is script signed “Hand Made by James B. Lile”, no signs of use with original edges. A few areas of discoloration on / in the blade finish, no big deal. This knife was out of the late Tom Clinton’s hoard, you can still see the sticker residue on the butt cap. (Tom used stickers for inventory purposes) No sheath every accompanied the knife but I would imagine it would fit well in to one made for a Randall #2-7”.

4 photos for review – as shown, a black canvas carry case is included. Check it out, this is a very fair price on an exceptionally rare Lile knife. Thanks and good luck.