Summary: another great deal on a previously owned script signed Lile knife. There is way more good about this knife than anything else, condition is excellent or better with nothing but a few spots on the blade near the tip (as seen in the first few photos) and light handling / patina on the brass hardware. The “old yeller” micarta scales are fabulous, light handling on them but you can’t see it unless you turn the handle in direct light.

The sheath is original to the knife and was probably made by John Lamb. Sheath condition is excellent+++ or better, nothing but light storage / handling marks on the back. Very little in the way of knife storage marks, throat with a dim line but mostly clean.

7 photos for review – as shown, a large black canvas case is included. This is a great knife / sheath package to tuck away for collection / investment purposes, I have not seen any “old yeller” handled Lile toothpick’s quite this nice. Thanks and good luck.