Summary: if you’ve found your way here and know of RCC’s Vanguard series then you probably know the rarity and desirability of this Limited Edition survival knife.

This knife has been in a couple of collections since new, only 20 #’d plus the protos were made. This is the serial #02 knife in excellent+++ condition, you’ll find a few very light handling marks on the stainless guard and a couple of whisper light marks on the blade only visible in direct light. The Robert Parrish-style sawteeth are second to none, probably the best ever made. The cord wrap, tube, butt cap and compass directly from Marilyn out of the old Lile shop... all in “as new” condition. Overall length of this knife is 16-1/4”.

The sheath is a masterpiece on it’s own, well thought out and made by Frank Sigman. Mint condition.

8 photos for review, if you need more to make up your mind just ask. As shown, a black canvas carry case is included. Limited Edition Vanguard survival knives are as rare as hens teeth, I also have the RJ Vanguard Black Bird prototype and Raven #002 knives up for sale. More information below... thanks and good luck.

"Black Bird" Survival Knife, serial #02 of #20 made. They are totally sold out and have been for years. The description from robertsonscustomcutlery:

" R. J. MARTIN: BLACK BIRD " 10" double hollow ground ground fighter style blade with "Tri-Tooth" serration's on the secondary edge, S30V, stainless steel double lugged guard with attachment thong holes, knurled aircraft aluminum butt cap with combination skull crusher and thong hole, the skull crusher has a compass in it, the stainless steel tube handle is wrapped with black cord directly from Jimmy Lile's shop. This knife comes with arguably the finest Kydex lined, Cordura nylon sheath available in the world today crafted by Frank Sigman!

This is the larger version of the Vanguard Raven that RJ built two years ago. The knife was originally built as a tribute to the knives that Jimmy Lile produced for the first two Rambo movies. As with the second knife, this knife also features a 10" blade. While my bias is showing because of my involvement with this project I think RJ has built the finest hollow handle fighters ever made."