Robert Parrish Survival Knife
Model: Sunfish. Made in 1987
6-1/2" 440c Bead Blasted Blade
Steel Guard Drilled For Lanyards
Serial # On Guard: 787704
Knurled Hollow Handle w/ Wrap
Knurled Steel Butt Cap + Lanyard
Original Cordura Sheath

Summary: this is an unused vintage Robert Parrish "Sunfish" knife made in July of 1987. The photos are spot on and accurate, the knife has original edges (clip is sharp) and has never been used. Overall condition is excellent+++ – as shown in a few of the photos there are some very light handling / slide marks on the knife from going in and out of the sheath. Nothing earth shattering or horrible... just not quite "mint".

Note: I don’t think the foam handle covering is original to the knife. Not sure if Mr. Parrish was offering this option so I’ll err on the side of safety and say it’s not original. Either way, it looks great and could be legit.

The black cordura sheath is original to the knife and looks great. There is a small pouch on the front of the sheath that'll fit a stone, multi-tool or survival gear.

9 photos for review – selling this for a long time owner and I think he’s offering it at a very fair price. Parrish produced one of the best hollow handled survival knives to ever hit the market – made back in the mid 1980's when the First Blood / Rambo craze was in full swing. If you've owned one of these, you know what I'm talking about. If this is your first look, do yourself a favor and tuck this one away in to your collection. Great for investment purposes, a little piece of survival knife history and a tough Parrish model to find. Thanks and good luck.