Tim Steingass Safari Skinner
4-1/8” CPM S35VN Stock
HT to RC 59-60
8-5/8" Overall Length
4-1/4" Hollow Ground Blade
Mirror Polished
Spine Thumb Serrations
Nicely Matching Stag Scales
Stainless Steel Thong Tube
Tapered Tang / Red Liners
Stainless Furniture
Pinned / Soldered Guard
8-10 oz RH Leather Sheath
Black Canvas Carry Case
Mint Condition

Summary: if you’re after a custom skinner that offers you equal amounts of beauty and bang for your buck...

7 photos for review – as shown, a new black canvas carry case is included. This knife / sheath package is extremely pretty, one of you fellas ought to nab this knife and tuck it away. Thanks and good luck.