Summary: this is a very collectible boot knife made by Tom Maringer nearly 40 years ago. This beautiful boot knife / dagger features a mirror polished double-edged blade, file-worked nickel silver fittings and “signature” wire wrapped handle. Made in 1982 as a table display knife for the 1982 New York Knife Show. Comes with a brown leather sheath with boot clip. Dated 1982 and #169 on the blade, sheath original to the knife with corresponding #169 number. Knife condition is unused and easily excellent+++ or better, flawless blade with original edges and nothing but light tarnish on the nickel silver fittings. The sheath with a few scuffs, all minor considering it’s nearly 4 decades old.

9 photos for review – I’ll ship the knife in a new black canvas carry case. This is an amazing collectible, top drawer / dead center of the collection quality. Guaranteed authentic, check out the documentation (included) in photos 8 and 9. This is the real deal, I’m excited to have such a kick ass piece on my site for sale. Thanks and good luck.

About the Maker, 2 internet sources:

“I made knives and swords professionally full-time from 1977 to 1994, completing about 910 blades, of which some 69 were over 18" in blade length and thus were classified as swords.During the 1980's and early 1990's Tom's work, primarily swords and daggers, were frequently shown in Ken Warner's Annual Knife Editions Books. Tom is well known for his swords, wire-wrapped handles and Kydex® sheaths. He quit making swords and knives in 1994 and went on to other types of work.”

“Tom Maringer began making knives in 1975 as a college student. He says his interest came from his father's collection of Japanese swords and that Sid Latham's book KNIVES AND KNIFEMAKERS opened his eyes to the world of custom knives. After receiving his degree in Geology in 1976, he was unable to find work in that field and moved to Arkansas in February 1977 to work for A. G. Russell Knives making Morseth Knives.

In 1979, Tom started out on his own. Says he met Ken Warner, who was just starting the KNIVES Annual, in 1980 at a Knifemaker's Guild show. He had photographs of his knives in that book every year from that beginning edition through 1996. In the 1995 and 1996 issues you can find articles which Tom wrote.

In 1981, he started making combat knives for Bob Angell (noted holster maker) who had designed some unique combat knife shapes which they called "Vorpal" knives. At the 1982 New York Custom Knife Show, Tom introduced the Vorpal and his method of thermoforming hot Kydex for sheaths which was formed directly to the knives.

At Guild shows, collector Al Wachoviak (Big Al) was showing his collection of "Bodacious Blades" which were swords made by knifemakers. Tom was attracted to the idea of swords from his early exposure to his dad's collection, and decided to try his hand at those large blades. He found that most knifemakers would refuse to make swords but that he enjoyed the idea of the large blades. When he began making swords and showing them at Guild shows, excitement would run through the show hall when he put his swords on the table. He became known as a sword maker, and in my opinion swords of this type, made by Tom Maringer, are the finest European style, demountable swords and daggers ever made!”