Summary: this is a mini #25 Trapper, #1451 of 1500 made. The model 25’s starting hitting the market back in 1996 and were the first “series” miniatures made.

This knife has a 3-3/8" stainless blade, brass guard, flawless natural insert, and brass butt cap. The knife is in near mint / unused condition with original edge and perfect insert, nothing but light wipe marks on the brass hilt and butt cap.

The knife is paired with the original sheath that has the Randall logo on the back toe. The sheath is in excellent+++ condition, just a few light scuffs from past handling.

7 photos for review – as shown, a new black canvas carry case is included. It's difficult and rare to find one of these Mini 25’s with this handle material that’s not cracked. In fact, VERY difficult. I think about 100 of the mini 25’s were done up with either natural material or fossil… a very small percentage with this particular material. Very scarce knife, indeed. Thanks and good luck.