Summary: this is an old 1960’s Randall #15 with green tenite handle. It’s in rough shape but rock solid, plenty of character. The photos accurately depict condition... this isn’t your grandpa’s Vietnam sock drawer queen. The knife has obviously been used and carried but where... who knows. Shrinkage in the tenite handle as shown in the photos but nothing loose or jiggling around. Inexpensive by tenite standards, offers accepted as the owner said he’d wiggle a bit on the price as he’s really not sure of the market value.

The knife is paired to the original Johnson riveted splitback sheath with canteen snap. Stone pouch removed, photo 4 shows where the rivets have either come apart or are missing. Stitching is all good, the sheath isn’t falling apart. All said and done, the condition of the sheath fairly matches that of the knife.

7 photos for review – as shown, a new black canvas carry case is included. This is a neat old knife in decent “user” condition, a rare previously carried knife you can take out and use without remorse. With the tenite handle, probably one you can use for several years and then get your money back out of it. No story or history on the knife but by the look of it one that’s “been there and done that”. If you like what you see and have interest feel free to shoot me an email, if it’s less than the posted price feel free to make a reasonable offer. Thanks and good luck.