Summary: this is a short bladed Randall model #18 crutch tip with an Orlando stamped tool steel blade, small brass guard, pinched tube handle, and 20/1 butt cap.

This knife obviously falls in to the “been there / done that” category, used and carried with spots and usage marks on the blade. The blade is 5-1/2" long with a row of 16 sawteeth, the Orlando, FLA stamp is clear. The hollow handle is 4-1/2" long with rubber cap removed, the tang extends in to the handle a bit more than 1-1/2". The 20/1 butt cap on the back end is in great shape.

The riveted splitback Johnson roughback sheath is in very good condition, I picked a bit of verdigris from around the rivets, all stitching is a-ok. The sheath has obviously been carried, one of those combinations that you wish could talk to tell where they’ve been. The original stone still with the sheath, it is a white print Combination Crystolon that appears unused.

7 photos for review – as shown, a new Randall Knives carry case is included. This is a totally cool and very collectible knife, a great one to tuck away in your collection. These Crutch Tip's date back to the mid-60's, not sure exactly when this one was made but mid-60's is a very safe bet. The photos tell the story, it's a fabulous knife / sheath combination for the money. Check it out... thanks and good luck.