Summary: this Lile knife was originally from the late Tom Clinton collection and has been tucked away since it traded hands years and years ago. Serial #4 (stamped LILE with serial number on hidden tang), I’ve never seen another like it. If there were others made they’ve never surfaced (to my knowledge) on the secondary market.

This knife has a 6-1/4” mirror polished blade with very visible hamon, overall length is 11-3/8”. Condition is near mint, nothing but a few light handling marks at most. Pin through the wood handle that comes out to remove the handle, it’s tight and I only removed it so I could photograph the tang stampings. The original wood scabbard fits perfectly, all said and done a gorgeous, rare, unique and collectible Lile knife!!

8 photos for review – as shown, a black canvas carry case is included. Check out the photos, I’d bet the farm that you’ve never seen another Jimmy Lile knife like it. Thanks and good luck.