Welcome to ConsignmentKnives.com, the sister site to mileswelze.com specifically created for consignment sales. Over the years, I’ve talked and worked with hundreds of customers to help them sell their knives and other items. If you have knives to sell I can probably help you, all other items will be considered on an item to item basis.

All items sent to me on consignment will be photographed and listed in an “as received” condition, I'll list your item(s) accurately to get fair market value. We can work together to figure out a realistic selling price (keyword: realistic), if we’re too far apart with respect to perceived value then I won’t take the item on consignment. I’d love your business but I’m not a magician, the market will bear what the market will bear!

My percentage may vary depending on a few factors: value of item, quantity sent, etc. If we fail to come to terms, I will buy your knives outright if the prices are fair and you want to skip consignment altogether. Large or small, I’m always in the market to purchase knife collections. Do you have gold, silver, watches, jewelry, high end binoculars, rifle scopes, etc. that you would like to convert to cash? Email me!

There is a "contact" link at the top of the page -- I'm easy to reach and respond quickly. If you would like to email directly, I can be reached at mwelze4@gmail.com

Thanks for stopping by, the items below are in hand, often time they never make the site so email if something catches your eye: (UPDATED 01-11-2024)

1. Jimmy Lile Gray Ghost