Summary: just in on consignment, the #10 SEAL ATAK from 2019. Only 12 made every year, two prototypes and the ten numbered knives.

The 2019 SEAL’s have custom artwork, glowing temper lines and type 3 choils. All are 10 point file-worked, all have black / green composite handles, and all come with two sheaths. (ATAK & slip) This SEAL #10 has not been used and was tucked away since purchase... the knife and sheaths all in mint condition.

6 photos of this #10 SEAL ATAK for review -- as shown, a new Mad Dog Knives carry case is included. This is the first 2019 SEAL I've seen come to the secondary market since I sold the original numbered knives, a rare opportunity to grab one if you missed the original offering. Thanks and good luck.