Summary: made back in 2015, this is a shop custom subhilt Wraith made by James Behring, Jr. / Behring Made Knives. Numbered 063 on the back (check out the flag above the number, totally cool), the knife has never been used and has the original edge. Paired to a custom riveted sheath made by Glacier Leather with tooling on the front, a totally awesome package PERFECT for EDC or collection purposes.

Here’s the original 2015 description from the BMK website:

“This Behring Technical Wraith is CNC machined from 3/16” high carbon 01 tool steel and features a gun blue finish and a razor sharp edge that measures 5-1/2” from tip to guard as well as a reduced clip. The brass guard is soldered in place above the black, green, horsehide and brass spacers as well as sub-hilt with a brass butt for an overall length of 10 inches.”

6 photos for review – as shown, a black Behring Made Knives carry case is included. This knife feels super nice in hand, a bit of heft to it with all the brass hardware. The moment I saw it I wanted to keep it for myself but if I adhere to that policy (keeping what I like) I’ll end up broke and living under a bridge. Anyway... this is a kick ass knife, do your collection a favor and snap it up. Thanks and good luck.