Behring Made Subhilt Fighting Knife
8" Hammer Marked Blade
Brass Guards
Gorgeous Spacer Stack
Leather w/ Pinned Fossil Walrus Butt
Original Riveted Warlander Sheath
Black Carry Case

Summary: an unused and relatively scarce subhilt fighting knife made by Behring Made Knives. There are a thousand ways to describe this knife, the simplest and most direct being "wickedly sharp, nasty nice eye candy". Made from 1/4” stock with an overall length a hair over 12-3/4”, guards and handle finished to perfection. The fossil walrus butt is super nice with great color, the photos don’t do this beauty any justice! On consignment from the original owner who ordered the knife directly from BMK a couple of years ago, this knife is in near mint condition with just a few light wipe marks on the brass hardware.

The knife is fitted to a custom riveted stone pouch sheath made by Warlander Leather. Brass rivets and snaps to match the brass guards on the knife, an unused solid gray stone in the front pouch. Near mint condition, a light scuff or two at most.

9 photos for review – as shown, a black canvas carry case is included. This is the first James Behring subhilt I've had on my site in a loooooong time (like…. It’s been years), the guys that buy them just don’t want to let them go! It's a top drawer / centerpiece knife, one you can take out and use or tuck away under glass to show off to your friends. A fossil Walrus subhilt won’t last at this price, don’t miss out. Thanks and good luck.