Summary: this is an early Michigan-made custom fossil ivory handled hunter made by James Behring, Jr. This knife has a 6" hammer marked blade, nickel silver guard, short spacer stack, and a one of a kind crow’s beak fossil ivory handle. The handle coloring is gorgeous, photos do this one no justice at all. This knife is near mint condition with just a few light wipe marks on the nickel guard, blade and handle look perfect Check out the pictures... this knife is totally badass.

The black front side tooled belt sheath with silver colored rivets is original to the knife and was made by Jack Mosher. The knife / sheath fit is snug (no rattling around!) – it's extremely well made and in near mint condition with just a few light rubs.

8 photos for review – as shown, a new black canvas carry case is included. This is one to tuck away for collection / investment purposes, early Michigan-made JR knives this nice are few and far between. Thanks and good luck.