James Behring, Jr. Stag Camp Knife
12-1/4" Hammer Marked Blade
Large Nickel Silver Hilt
Spacer Stack: Black, Maroon, Aluminum & Ivory Micarta
Huge Double Pinned Stag Handle w/ Compass
Riveted Mosher Sheath w/ Basket Weave Tooling
Certificate of Authenticity

Summary: this is a massive stag handled 12-1/4" hammer marked Camp Knife made by James Behring, Jr. in 2011. This camp knife is made from 1/4" stock – blade height (edge to top spine) is about 2-1/8". The handle is approximately 5-1/2" front spacer (at guard) to the butt end – overall length is a whopping 17-5/8"! The knife is fitted with a large nickel silver hilt and double pinned deep cut stag handle – JR mounted a glow in the dark compass in the butt end. This is a fabulous knife – condition is mint, never used or resharpened.

The knife is paired to an equally large riveted belt sheath made by Jack Mosher. Silver rivets with front side basket weave tooling, a work of art all on its own. Like the knife, the sheath is brand new and in mint condition.

9 photos for review – as shown, a Certificate of Authenticity is included. This is the knife to own if you're the collector or camper who is all about maximizing your "chop" for the buck – this is a razor sharp monster that'll do one hell of a lot of damage with very little effort. A great price on this bad boy – you're going to love how it feels in your hand. Thanks and good luck.