James Behring, Jr. Subhilt Fighter
8-1-2" Hammer Marked Blade w/ Bowie Clip
Heavy Blade, Made from 5/16” Stock
Nickel Silver Guards and Pin
Fossil Walrus Handle / Great Color
Riveted Mosher Sheath w/ Tooling

Summary: this is a Pre-B logo (2011 or 2012) thick stock subhilt fighter with false edge Bowie clip made by James Behring, JR. Made from 5/16” blade stock, overall length is a hair over 13-3/4”. Previously owned but in near mint condition with just a couple of light pencil sized spots on the blade. James fitted the knife with nickel guards and a large piece of crow’s beak fossil ivory, a few checks but completely stable and probably this way when it left the shop. Fit, finish and feel... everything you would want when buying a gorgeous knife like this.

The knife is fitted to / paired with a black riveted Mosher sheath with front side tooling. Silver rivets and keeper strap snap – MOSHER stamped on the back. Condition is excellent+++ or better with just light handling scuffs on the back.

7 photos for review – this is a monster of a knife perfect for display / collection purposes. I don’t know how many James made with this thick blade stock but there can’t be too many floating around. Check it out… thanks and good luck.