James Behring, Jr. Subhilt Fighting Knife
MT. Made, Pre-B Logo (2011-2012)
9-1/4" Hammer Marked Blade
Nickel Silver Guards
Really Nice Looking Spacer Stack
Pinned Crows Beak Fossil Ivory Handle
Original Tooled Mosher Belt Sheath

Summary: an unused and relatively scarce long-bladed, double-skull subhilt fighting knife made by James Behring, Jr shortly after he set up shop in Montana. (Pre-B logo,) Made from 3/16” stock with an overall length a hair over 14-1/2”, it’s quite light in hand considering the size. The nickel guards, spacer stack and handle finished to perfection. The crows beak fossil is super nice with great color, feels great in either hand. This knife is in mint condition.

The knife is fitted to a black riveted belt sheath made by Jack Mosher. Front side basket weave tooling, silver rivets and snap to match the nickel guards on the knife. Toe tab on the toe for a thigh lanyard, makers name stamped on the back. The sheath is in excellent+++ condition and has not been on a belt, a small area of abrasion about a third of the way down on the back is all you’ll find.

6 photos for review – this is one of a few extremely nice James Behring, Jr. subhilt fighters that I have on consignment. Like the others, it's a top drawer / centerpiece knife you’ll be proud to own, carry and / or display. Thanks and good luck.