Jim Behring Fighting Knife
10-1/2" Tool Steel Blade
Front Side Double Skulls
Double Nickel Silver Hilt
Long Traditional Spacer Stack
Deep Cut Pinned Stag Butt
Nickel Silver Butt Plate
Custom Treeman Giraffe Hide Sheath

Note: one of two matching Fighters with custom sheaths that were special ordered from Jim to have the same build all the way down to the spacer pattern! This one has a 10.5” blade, the other shown in the last two photos has a 10.75” blade. If you want them both, email and let me know.

Summary: a brand new / previously owned & custom Jim Behring fighting knife with a 10-1/2" double skull stamped blade, silver soldered nickel guard, super long 6.5” handle (front of guard to butt plate) with kick ass pinned stag and a fitted nickel silver butt plate. Not some wimpy handle... this is damn near a two hander. Blade and handle are both perfect, it’s an awesome knife in mint condition and a hair over 17” overall length!

The custom Treeman-made sheath is has a giraffe front side panel and lanyard loop down on the back toe. Hands down stellar quality, knife / sheath fit is perfect.

8 photos for review – photos are accurate but do this knife / sheath combination NO justice. This knife is much bigger in person and much nicer in hand. The handle is long and simply awesome, it’s amazing that $795 can still buy a hand forged, hand made knife and sheath of this quality. Treeman fighters kick ass, there’s nothing quite like them. And, where else can you find a matching pair?!? Thanks and good luck.