Robert Parrish Survival Knife / 1985
8" Bead Blasted Blade, presumably 440c
Steel Guard Drilled For Lanyards
Serial # On Guard: 185405
(made in 1/85, #405)
Knurled Hollow Handle
Knurled Steel Butt Cap
Original Riveted Leather Sheath
Black Canvas Carry Case

Summary: this is a vintage 1985 Robert Parrish knife in simply beautiful condition. The photos are spot on and accurate, I've owned dozens of Robert Parrish hollow handle knives in the past and rarely does one this clean cross my radar. The blade is a full 8", it does not look to have been resharpened. The blade and knurled handle look pretty much new, one little pit near the serial number but I’m sure it left the shop that way. Made in January of 1985, this baby is 36 years old and looks brand new!

The riveted leather stone pouch sheath is original to the knife and in excellent condition. Light handling but no signs of abuse, all stitching is solid. I carefully picked some verdigris off the rivets, if that breaks your heart then I’ll take the blame.

9 photos for review – as shown, a new black canvas carry case is included. Parrish produced one of the best hollow handled survival knives to ever hit the market – made back in the 1980's when the First Blood / Rambo craze was in full swing. If you've owned one of these, you know what I'm talking about. If this is your first look, do yourself a favor and add one to your collection. This is a top drawer / centerpiece survival knife and they rarely surface in this condition. The upgraded leather sheath…. just icing on the cake! Thanks and good luck.